Kindness and respect, some quick thinking and a bit of luck, brought about that pot of soup, which seemed to have a happy effect on everyone.  Of course, they all learned to share and join in the fun of making that soup, and that's what makes the story so meaningful.   This charming, original musical play is Robert's latest​, developed to support the National Summer Reading Theme.

   As always, his spectacular hand-made puppets will transport audiences to a wonderful, make-believe world, with a warm-hearted story for the young and old.

   ​Long, long ago, a young man named Wilbur - a soldier - came upon a village, just as he was feeling tired and hungry, and beginning to think about finding some food and a place to stay for the night.

   But the people who he met were not friendly.  In fact, they were not very nice neighbors to each other, either.

   So Wilbur showed them all a "magical" stone, which he claimed, could make a most delicious soup if added to a pot of boiling water.

Celebrate the 2023 Summer Reading Theme:

All Together now!  Kindness, friendship & Unity!

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Stone Soup

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Stone Soup