After everyone's gone trick-or-treating, and the kids are tucked in their beds for the night, that's when the ghosts and goblins come out for a party of their own.  It's a never-frightening, fun-filled show of comedy, music and special tricks that only marionettes can do.  Enjoyed by all ages, this magical treat is great for Halloween!

"Cinderella in the Wild West," a rousing American version of the famous fairy tale.  This time around, Cindy Lou Rella works hard as a ranch hand, and instead of dreaming of dancing at the Prince's Ball, determines to ride an angry bull at a rodeo.  She doesn't have a fairy godmother, but is watched over by a magical Native American Spirit guide.

"Klezmer Kabaret," a joyous celebration full of music and good spirits!  Singers, dancers, musicians and clowns.  Fun for the whole family.

"A Carnival of Animals" orchestral suite by classical composer Camille Saint-Saens, as interpreted by a puppet menagerie.

A montage of "Circus on a String" taken from a concert performance with the Danbury Symphony Orchestra.

Produced by PBS station WSKG-TV, this profile of Robert

aired as part of a series entitled, "Expressions."